A Texas Rose in a Spanish Garden

First Date Jitters

It is hard enough to go on a first date with someone you like when back home (for me it is Texas), but it is another thing to do this in a foreign country like Spain, where I now reside. For this date, I had better make myself into a Texas rose in a Spanish garden. For this, I will need help. I wonder what kind of woman he likes and why he asked me out. Too many questions run through my head. I had better stop this or I will drive myself crazy. Just get ready as you usually do when you want to look your best.

I pull out a few outfits from the closet and try to bury the first date jitters. One by one I try them on and discard them as choices. I can borrow something from a friend, just accept what I have, or go to that wonderful dress boutique around the corner. The owner is a designer and makes everything herself. You never see the same thing twice on the racks. I want something simple and not too dressy, but with a Spanish flair. This means embroidery as a rule or a long skirt with a high slit. I want to make an impact and search for just the right garment. With the help of the owner, we select a blue fitted dress with a fabric waist. The buckle is large and gorgeous. It is like wearing a piece of jewelry. Then all I need is to add some basic earrings. Okay, so the groundwork is laid.

Next comes makeup and hair. I like to wear my hair loose and down, but the blue dress dictates an updo held in place with a barrette. It is just the right touch. I can amp up the glamour with a touch of natural makeup. I use a smidgeon of foundation applied with a wet sponge followed by a rose-colored blusher. It is pale and soft and not intrusive. Since my makeup is simple I can concentrate on the eyes. Rather than use dark liner, I decide to either wear false eyelashes or dress up my own as they are long and thick. I get out a new heated eyelash curler I just found. Thus, the lashes stay bent and are ready for the application of mascara. The heating unit is a real innovation. I have been using eyelash curlers for years but varying results. This time my eyelashes look luscious. I will bat them for sure in my most irresistible flirty manner.

The date was a smoking success, especially since my companion complemented my look. I had done everything right I guess. You don’t always get feedback. Now I will know that the blue dress and heavier eye makeup are winners. I will keep that heated eyelash curler handy. It won’t just be used for special occasions.