A Texas Rose in a Spanish Garden

Adulting is Hard: Power Washing

I adore my own apartment and especially living on my own. I don’t need supervision. It is the fastest way to grow up for those who have been a bit too coddled. (What is this trend in the U.S. of adult children living at home well into their thirties!) What could be better than doing it abroad in sunny southern Spain? Adopting an adult lifestyle as a student, however, can mean handling some difficult chores. I now cook, clean, do the shopping, take care of my clothing – washing, ironing mostly – and anything else that pops up suddenly on the DIY agenda.

I do everything as mentioned, but I certainly never expected to use a power washer in my little abode. I noticed a lot of accumulated dirt on my balcony and also at the bottom of my house along the ground where muddy water had risen and retreated, leaving a distinctive mark. It wasn’t attractive so I am going to tell you about how I addressed the problem with the help of a borrowed implement.

A power washer is super handy and easy to use. I have seen it done and it is within the realm of female possibilities. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to wield one. You just have to be careful as you turn it on and adjust the pressure. I decided one Saturday would be enough to tackle the two areas of concern.

My building already has a communal hose and there is enough length on it to reach my garden. The balcony is just above. I pulled on the snaky thing and found it could reach with some effort. I turned it on and tested the power nozzle before going full out. Wham! It gushed forth, spraying anything in a 180 degree direction. Whoosh! Dirt and grime are gone. The white washed walls of my apartment came sparking clean, gleaming in the sunlight like a freshly waxed car. It was too clean. By that I mean that the rest of the building looked odd next to my cleansed area. It was begging for attention.

Ok, here is what happened. I did my neighbors a favor and pressure cleaned the entire ground floor of the building going full circle. It looked fabulous. The fuchsia and green bougainvillea were striking by comparison to the blaring whiteness of the walls. It was quite beautiful to behold. I spent a half hour at the task, not minding getting wet a bit. It was fun and productive. I returned to my garden and shot the nozzle upward toward the balcony. I am not sure why. It would have been better to do it from inside, but I thought it better not to lug a hose though my living room and risking a major aftermath cleanup. Doing it from below send a giant waterfall downward in my direction. I completely drenched.

I did get some dirt off the bottom of the balcony and a bit from the tile surface. I got most of the dirt off of me! Finally, I adjusted the nozzle by trial and error and got better results. A more directed spray did the job of attacking the entire tiny area on all sides. The wrought iron looked freshly polished and rust free. I think this is a job that had not been done for quite some time. I was thoroughly proud of my handiwork as were the neighbors who came out to watch and cheer me on. It turned out to be a communal event that evolved into a sangria party.

Try a power washer in your neighborhood. You may meet some new friends!