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What to Look For in a Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents tend to be catastrophic, and they often cause serious injuries that can change a victim’s life forever. Fortunately, victims can recover compensation for their losses from the party responsible. But finding the right truck accident lawyer is essential to ensure you receive the financial help you deserve.

A quality truck accident attorney will know the law, including state and federal laws that apply to trucks. They should have in-depth knowledge of regulations related to truck maintenance, driver qualifications, hours of service, cargo loading and other factors that contribute to trucking accidents. They should also have strong analytical and investigative skills, so they can examine evidence and reconstruct the accident to establish liability.

In addition to establishing liability, a good truck accident lawyer will be familiar with the various forms of compensation available to victims of truck accidents. This includes economic damages for medical bills and lost wages, and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. They will be able to explain what damages you might be entitled to under the law and negotiate with insurers or defendants on your behalf.

Another important thing to consider is whether or not your potential attorney has experience fighting in court. Most truck accident cases settle out of court, but if the case goes to trial, you’ll want a lawyer who has extensive experience in this area of litigation. In particular, they should have experience handling trials involving large trucks.

A good truck accident lawyer will be ready to fight the insurance companies on your behalf. This is important because insurance adjusters often try to get victims to say things that can be used to twist the facts of the accident, reduce their payout or even shift blame onto the victim. An experienced truck accident attorney knows how to handle these tactics and will be able to quickly and accurately assess the extent of your losses.

Lastly, an excellent truck accident lawyer will be compassionate towards their clients. This is because they understand how a collision with a large truck can leave you feeling emotionally and financially devastated. They will be able to communicate with you in a clear and concise manner and understand how this accident has affected your life. They will also be willing to listen to your concerns and provide honest advice.

In many cases, the truck driver or the trucking company will have their own lawyers working for them. This can be particularly challenging, as these attorneys will have the ability to challenge your claims or argue that you were partially at fault for the crash. This can negatively impact your award of damages under New York’s pure comparative fault laws. A good truck accident lawyer will be prepared to stand up to the insurance companies and defendants on your behalf.