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There are several ways to sell your car in Ottawa

There are several ways to sell your car in Ottawa, including online dealers, car bidding sites and automotive brokers. You can also sell your car in person at a dealership, but be wary of scammers and dealers who try to lowball you. In addition, selling your vehicle privately requires more paperwork and can lead to delays in getting paid.

Cash for cars ottawa

When you have an old vehicle that’s a total clunker or has too many issues to repair, there may come a time when it makes sense to scrap it and get cash for it. If so, you can contact a scrapping company that will purchase your car and haul it away for cash. Some will offer a better price than others, but you should make sure to shop around for a quote before you decide whether or not to scrap your car.

Canada Drives

One of the most popular online car buying services in the country, Canada Drives has a simple process that involves filling out an application, sending in your car’s details and waiting for a quote. Once you accept the offer, you can arrange to have your car picked up or delivered and receive payment online via EFT.


Another popular online car buying service, Carity offers an easy and hassle-free process for Ottawa residents who want to sell their vehicles. They will inspect your vehicle, provide an offer and pick it up for you in a matter of hours. They are a member of the Automotive Dealer Association (ADA) and have an established reputation for fair pricing https://scrapy.ca/, fast processing and customer service.

They offer instant offers for cars worth $10,000 or more and have a wide selection of cars to choose from, making it a good choice for those who need to sell their car quickly. They also have a range of funding options, including bank drafts and automatic deposit methods.

Carity’s customer support is excellent, with the company responding to most questions within an hour and offering to send a representative to your home. It also has a network of local dealers that can help you sell your car in Ottawa.


Another local dealership, MyCar is an Ottawa-area dealer that buys used vehicles in exchange for cash and a bonus gift certificate to a business of your choice. They will inspect your car, provide an offer and pay you based on the value of your CARFAX report.

They also have a range of financing options to help you sell your car in Ottawa. You can also opt for a cash-back warranty, which is a great way to get your money back if you have any issues with your vehicle after the sale.


If you’re looking to sell your car in Ottawa quickly, you might consider posting an ad on AutoTrader. The site allows you to post an ad for free and gives you the option of selling your car to a private buyer or dealership through its “Instant Cash Offer” service. The website also features an interactive tool that allows you to calculate the worth of your car, as well as the amount of taxes and fees that you’ll have to pay.